Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Quick Day 2

Been a hectic day today but managed to fit in day 2 of this Pintrest Fitness Test.  Part 2 of the program of weights and power walking was easy to follow although I would have preferred to have completed it first thing this morning rather than late afternoon.  Just felt like I could put my all into it.

Also had a carb free day, which wasn't as hard as I thought and thanks to a mixture on slimming world (low fat recipe) and Pintrest idea/know how (direct link eggplant lasagne ) had a yummy dinner.

So short and sweet feedback today but will have far more time tomorrow.  In the mean time, hope these few links bring a smile.

Happy Pinning

Gods Gift


How Times Have Changed

Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 1 Done

Hi Pinners,

How's things with you all in Pintrest land?  I forgot to mention, if there are any pins that you think I may like or that you think I could try please attach a link to them in the comments below :-)

Anyway back to Day 1 of project fitness.  

I found kick starting my metabolism, going from no breakfast to the new Breakfast Smoothie plan quite hard. The kick start basically made me feel permanently hungry after about 3 hours of drinking the smoothie. I fought hard to stop myself from picking naughty foods throughout the day, but I stuck to my 3 planned meals with a couple of extra fruit breaks and lots of water. :-)

I also tried QUINOA for the first time today, using it instead of rice, trying to reduce my gluten intake.  I surprisingly enjoyed its nutty flavour and al dente texture but it worked really well with my low fat chicken curry.

Finally Exercise.  The program ( 14 days to shrink a size ) was easy to follow explaining each of the movements simply and backing this up with a picture. I used 5 1/2 lb weights and did 8-10 reps for each movement. I found the run (part 1) a challenge, but got through it and looking forward to part 2 tomorrow.

To finish my Pintrest day, here are a couple of links to some witty signs that I think may apply :-)

Thank you Anna for this one:  Skinny Feels

and thank you Jessica: Dieting All Morning 

Happy Pinning

x x x

Here We Go

So my little Pinner friends, todays the day for my new fitness/healthy eating challenge and I have to say after having a lousy nights sleep, i'm not totally ready for it.......but here goes.

Ok so my starting vital statistics
Height: 5ft 4/162.5 cm
Weight: AHEM.....ok, ok, i'll just say it really fast.........64.8kg/142lb
BMI: 24.4/Normal
Waist: 31 in/78.7 cm
Hip: 40 in/101.6 cm
Bust: 35.5 in/90.1 cm
Left Thigh: 21 in/53.3 cm
Right Thigh: 21.5 in/54.6 cm
Left Arm: 11.5 in/29.21 cm
Right Arm: 11.5 in/29.21 cm

Can you tell from these numbers i'm pear shaped....a little bottom heavy? Oh well, hopefully this fitness kick will  help me be a smaller pear ;-)

So to start.....BREAKFAST. 

This breakfast smoothie came courtesy of the lovely Johnita Breakfast Smoothie  It didn't taste too bad, but I think i'll adapt it slightly using only 1 banana and 1 1/2 cups of fresh pineapple and see how that turns out.

Now off to the gym.  Will report back later.

Happy Pinning

x x x

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Crafty Jewellery

Starting with a relatively easy project....or so I thought, i've attempted my first Pintrest craft project..... a momma bird necklace thanks to Judith for the pin.

Momma Bird Necklace

I didn't have the right wire or the pretty coloured beads that is shown in the pin (mine were clear so perhaps a little difficult to see) but i didn't think I did too bad a job, although it's perhaps a little messy and wonky...lol. What do you think? ;-)

I think with the right materials they could make great little necklaces or charms. Definitely worth a go.

Craft project 1......DONE!!!!!!

Just found some more wire and a lovely pearly bead so this is take 2 of the Momma Bird Necklace project.  Think its far prettier :-)

First things first

Pintrest Project No 1. My prime directive is to get fit and lose about 8 lbs.

In my husbands eyes he sees the first or even second lady (dependant on whether he's wearing his glasses...lol) when he looks at me. I see the third lady ;-( (like a typical woman) and i'm not comfortable with my shape. So Pintrest to the rescue!!!!

No fad diets where you lose a ton of weight in like an hour and then put it all back on as soon as you eat normally and no silly weight training/fitness freakism to look like Arnie and be in the gym 23 1/2 hrs a day.

So after trawling through hundreds if not thousands on of fitness programs I've decided on this one pinned by the lovely Cindi Shrink a size in 14 days

Starting tomorrow, wagons roll. Weigh and measure myself and put this exercise program to the test.
Anyone want to join in and compare notes? ;-) x

And So It Begins

Welcome to my blog. I've set this little blog up to chart my Pintrest progress.  Since stumbling across this fab site i've become a mad obsessed woman pinning everything and anything....or so it would seem but there is method to my madness.

From pinning items of craft that, given time i'd love to try, to recipes and drinks i'd love to taste. Beautiful art and how to decorate your home to places i'd love to travel to and clothes i'd love to buy all of these pins have one thing in common......ME!!!!!!

So as of tomorrow, i'm following a Pintrest Life.  So if you'd like to follow me on this crazy crafty/fitness/arty/just because... journey, it would be great to have you along.