Sunday, 1 July 2012

Crafty Jewellery

Starting with a relatively easy project....or so I thought, i've attempted my first Pintrest craft project..... a momma bird necklace thanks to Judith for the pin.

Momma Bird Necklace

I didn't have the right wire or the pretty coloured beads that is shown in the pin (mine were clear so perhaps a little difficult to see) but i didn't think I did too bad a job, although it's perhaps a little messy and What do you think? ;-)

I think with the right materials they could make great little necklaces or charms. Definitely worth a go.

Craft project 1......DONE!!!!!!

Just found some more wire and a lovely pearly bead so this is take 2 of the Momma Bird Necklace project.  Think its far prettier :-)

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