Sunday, 1 July 2012

First things first

Pintrest Project No 1. My prime directive is to get fit and lose about 8 lbs.

In my husbands eyes he sees the first or even second lady (dependant on whether he's wearing his when he looks at me. I see the third lady ;-( (like a typical woman) and i'm not comfortable with my shape. So Pintrest to the rescue!!!!

No fad diets where you lose a ton of weight in like an hour and then put it all back on as soon as you eat normally and no silly weight training/fitness freakism to look like Arnie and be in the gym 23 1/2 hrs a day.

So after trawling through hundreds if not thousands on of fitness programs I've decided on this one pinned by the lovely Cindi Shrink a size in 14 days

Starting tomorrow, wagons roll. Weigh and measure myself and put this exercise program to the test.
Anyone want to join in and compare notes? ;-) x

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