Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 1 Done

Hi Pinners,

How's things with you all in Pintrest land?  I forgot to mention, if there are any pins that you think I may like or that you think I could try please attach a link to them in the comments below :-)

Anyway back to Day 1 of project fitness.  

I found kick starting my metabolism, going from no breakfast to the new Breakfast Smoothie plan quite hard. The kick start basically made me feel permanently hungry after about 3 hours of drinking the smoothie. I fought hard to stop myself from picking naughty foods throughout the day, but I stuck to my 3 planned meals with a couple of extra fruit breaks and lots of water. :-)

I also tried QUINOA for the first time today, using it instead of rice, trying to reduce my gluten intake.  I surprisingly enjoyed its nutty flavour and al dente texture but it worked really well with my low fat chicken curry.

Finally Exercise.  The program ( 14 days to shrink a size ) was easy to follow explaining each of the movements simply and backing this up with a picture. I used 5 1/2 lb weights and did 8-10 reps for each movement. I found the run (part 1) a challenge, but got through it and looking forward to part 2 tomorrow.

To finish my Pintrest day, here are a couple of links to some witty signs that I think may apply :-)

Thank you Anna for this one:  Skinny Feels

and thank you Jessica: Dieting All Morning 

Happy Pinning

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